DrumMania GITADORA Overdrive Arcade Machine

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DrumMania GITADORA Overdrive arcade machine is a music/drum simulation and is the 2013 installment of the DrumMania series. This one player game comes as a compact cabinet, with an all new white design and 9 interface drum kit, which has removed the raised platform seen on previous models.

It features a large HD LCD display (16:9 wide screen), PV game system, a 9 interactive interface configuration, all new songs, the return of background movies during game play and re-evaluated difficulty levels - now named Basic, Advanced and Extreme. The game also comes with over 500 songs, featuring new music and all original tracks, and most have been re-rated as well.

To play the game, players sit on the seat behind the set up, and step on the pedals or tap the interfaces with their drumsticks in time with the 'notes' that appear on screen. The interactive interfaces include left and right cymbals, left and bass pedals, hi-hat, snare, high tom, low tom and a floor tom.

This installment maintains the skill system from XG3, but the game play has been simplified in selecting, gaming and results display to help new players. The game screen is in traditional PV system which is similar to XG1 and the track can be made half transparent or full transparent for more challenge.

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