Drummer Kids Arcade Machine

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Drummer Kids Arcade Machine is a two player music cabinet which uses drums and drum sticks as the controls and includes 2 difficulty modes: easy and challenge!

The cabinet features a 32" LCD screen, a large and brightly worked marquee featuring game characters, and also includes 30 classic songs that kids will know and love!

How to Play:

  • Insert coin/s
  • Turn the turn dial/knob to select a difficulty mode
  • Hit the big drum with the drumstick to confirm selection
  • Use knob again to select a song
  • Hit drum again to confirm selection
  • Start playing

Icons will appear on the screen, some of which will indicate for players to hit the big drum, some will indicate to hit the small drum and some long icons indicate to hit the big drum repeatedly.

The 2 player game also includes a BONUS GAME. This is a player versus player game in which players compete by quickly and repeatedly hitting the big drum until time is up - whoever hits the drum the most wins!

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