EA Sports PGA Tour Golf Challenge Arcade Machine

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EA Sports PGA Tour Golf Challenge Arcade Machine is a video sports arcade game, which includes new play modes to attract new players whilst challenging the old. New courses and new golfers update the golf setting, and new competitive play and training modes have also been added.

The game includes 2 player co-operative play or 4 player versus mode, where each team hits their best ball. There is a driving range where players can hone their skills before going on to the World Tour - the main mode of the game where players tour the 24 courses in the game.

In addition to the real golfers present in the game, players can customise their own golfer with the new Game Face mode. In Game Face mode, you can change your golfers body type, clothing and facial features. Players can then save the golfer to their players' Card, and can use their created golfer in any Challenge Edition play mode.

The cabinet can easily be connected to the internet, with players able to compete in tournaments for large cash prizes.

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