Ferrari F355 Challenge DX

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The Ferrari F355 Challenge DX is a racing video game from Sega and master designer Yu Suzuki. The Deluxe version features 3 high resolution monitors which provide a 170-degree field of vision and realistic graphics.

Its combination of simple controls and complex racing physics make it stand out as one of the most innovative racing simulators in a long time. The graphics are of exceptional detail and the game precision oriented. The slightest mistake can easily result in a loss.

F335 features all modes of play you'd expect in a top racing game:

  • Arcade mode - a conventional time and checkpoint-based race in which the car settings are predetermined and can't be altered;
  • Championship mode - where you can compete for the highest cumulative score over six races and can alter your car;
  • Single Play mode - you can choose between training, driving and racing;
  • Standard spit-screen Versus mode - go head to head against other players to be the champion of the F355 Challange!


  • Three 29" High Resolution Monitors!
  • Four Separate Naomi Hardware Boards Used (1 for each monitor and 1 for sound and code)!
  • Four Modes of Gameplay - loads of variety!
  • Amplified Stereo with Subwoofer (three channel)!
  • Four Driving Assist Buttons: ABS, Traction Control, Stability Control, and Intelligent Brake System!

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