Flappy Bird Merchandiser Arcade Machine

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The Flappy Bird Merchandiser Arcade Machine is a prize redemption game based on the popular mobile app and a follow up to the ticket redemption version released in 2014.

The prize-vending Flappy Bird comes in a bright LED-lit crane style cabinet, with a 32" LCD high definition monitor, and the aim of the game is to avoid the obstacles to gain points, and players will win prizes for achieving set scores.

Game play will be familiar to players who have experience with the mobile app or ticket redemption machine. Simply press the large red button to skillfully manoeuvre the flappy bird through the openings in the pipes.

If the player passes through enough pipes, they will win a prize. However, if players hit one of the pipes or hit the ground - it's game over!

Flappy Bird Merchandiser Arcade Machine is a fully licensed machine and features recognisable licensed artwork, as well as LED lighting, a 32” monitor, well-lit prize display, and optional marquee!

This fun and vibrant game will stand out in any location, while the addictive game play that Flappy Bird is known for will keep players coming back time and again for more chances to win! This small cabinet can is suitable for small, medium, and large gameing areas and will earn well in a variety locations.

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