Fly O’Clock Video Redemption Arcade Game

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Fly O’Clock Video Redemption Arcade Game is a highly-addictive arcade jumper with simple one-touch mechanic and unique flytastic graphics.

This app-to-arcade mobile game from Digital Melody has been transformed into a colourful and competitive skill redemption game.

With unique one-touch game mechanics, this clever and energetic skill game electrifies the competition.
Fly O’Clock is a compelling 2 player video redemption game.

It has unique one-touch game mechanics and features a 55” vertical monitor.

The aim of the game is simple - jump over clock hands and try not to get hit. Verse another player or the clock itself.


• 1-2 player skill redemption game
• HD graphics on a 55” monitor
• LEDs on marquee topper and cabinet
• Easy game play: innovative one-button game mechanics
• Adjustable settings and ticket redemption rewards

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