Frightmareland SD (Haunted Museum 2) Arcade Machine

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Frightmareland SD Arcade Machine is a 1-2 Player light gun shooting game from Taito/Global VR. It is the sequel to Taito/Gamewax's Haunted Museum (released as Panic Museum in North America) and is known as Haunted Museum 2 in Japan.

The game revolves around two special agents who are investigating the disappearance of 100 people in a nameless city. Their investigation leads them to Frightmareland, a dilapidated amusement park where they believe the victims are being held captive by a group of crazy carnival characters.

The game features 15 selectable levels, 1 bonus level, 12 mini-game missions, 6 bosses and three different game endings.

The main enemies that players will face are killer clowns. Players will also come across barrels, boxes and objects that can be destroyed to reveal point bonuses, ammo and hostages.

Gameplay Features:
  • 15 selectable levels and 1 bonus level
  • 12 minigame missions
  • 6 Boss characters
  • 3 different endings depending on how the game is completed
  • High def graphics

Hardware Features:
  • 42" LCD Monitor
  • Force feedback gun action
  • Edge lit control panel
  • Eye catching 3D marquee

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