Fruit Mania Prize Arcade Machine

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The Fruit Mania Arcade Machine is a prize redemption game in which players must use their hand-eye coordination and timing skills to win!

This brightly coloured and LED lit cabinet will draw in players from all across the floor, wanting to try their hand at winning the top prize!

How to Play:

  • Insert coin
  • Select buy or play.
  • Press "play" button to start game
  • Press "Stop" button when timing is right to stop each reel (one by one, from left -right)(if you are not stopping reel,it will stop automatically)
  • Once all three spinning wheels are stopped and match the symbols on the score board you will receive the score.
  • Jackpot(win a jackpot when they align all three jackpot icon in the transparent display)

For Buy mode:
  • Insert coins or notes for the item you want to purchase. Make sure you have the right money, as machine does not give change.
  • Select prize with buy button.
  • Collect prize from prize hole.

This fun and exciting game will draw in players from all across the floor with it's straight forward, yet fun, gameplay. Fruit Mania works well in a variety of locations, including street locations and Family Entertainment Centers.


  • Prize vending machine
  • With GSM fuction
  • Ball dispenser
  • Led light boards
  • Buy option(vending mode)

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