Fruit Mania Xtreme Video Redemption Game

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Fruit Mania Xtreme is a video redemption game from UNIS in which you shoot coins at rotating fruit to collect treasure boxes and coins to win tickets. The more coins you collect the more tickets you win. This game uses a simple and fun game concept and has bright LED lights which will grab the attention of kids of all ages.

Players aim and shoot coins at the rotating fruits to drain their health bars, and once they have run out of health, the fruits will turn into treasure boxes and fall onto the platform. Each time coins/boxes drop into the "Winning Zone", you win tickets, when coins/boxes drop into the Prize Wheel Trigger, it activates the Prize Wheel, for a chance to win more tickets or receive special items!

  • Skill-based excitement
  • Rapid coin shooting action, simple game play
  • Lots of ways to win, attractive winning features
  • Striking multi-color changing LED lights
  • 47" LCD monitor
  • Smart card capability

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