Fruit Ninja FX2 Arcade Machine

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´╗┐Fruit Ninja FX2 Arcade Machine is a touchscreen, ticket redemption video game in which players choose a character, a weapon and slice fruit that hurtles towards them on the screen.

Sensei is back with new heroes to provide players with all new powers. "Take your figurine and teleport it into the game. Choose a blade and slice!"

The cabinet features bright and attractive artwork, a horizontal LCD touchscreen, and a unique feature - the figurin platform, which players place their character figurine on to add use them in the game.

Players can purchase one of three character figurines from the location, including Katsuro, Truffles and Sensei, and then use the unique platform to use them in the gamer. The game also features new blades, more fruits than it's predecessor, and new and improved visuals. Plus it also features new gameplay features such as the Pomegranate bonus.

Special fruits in the game include the Star Fruit (Super Crit +15), Berry Blast (looks like a Strawberry, Ultra Blast +5), and Peachy Time (A peach, Insane Time +6 sec).

Fruit Ninja gained popularity for it's simple and straightforward game play style, and addictive quality. This fun and exciting game will attract players from all across the floor as they try to slice as much fruit as they possibly can, gaining fruit combos and power ups to win the most tickets!

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