G'Spirit Basketball Arcade Machine

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The G'Spirit Basketball arcade machine is a street style basketball sports game in a deluxe designed cabinet with loads of fun and exciting features.

The cabinet features powerful sound effects, including shocked noises and music, LED display for the score, and operators can link up to 8 units together for players who want to play in versus mode. Players will get to choose from a total of 5 levels, making it suitable for new players with little experience, or, expert players who are looking for more challenge.

Players can choose single play or twin play to play the game. They must start to shoot when they hear the whistles go, trying to sink as many hoops as possible. In the first 50 seconds, player get 2 scores for one shooting, and get 3 scores in the last 10 seconds. If they get enough scores in the limited time, then they will enter into the next round.

This arcade machine is also a ticket redemption game, and players will be able to earn redemption tickets according to their score. As players get better hand-eye coordination and learn to aim and shoot better, they will be able to increase their scores and earn more tickets - giving this machine incredible replay value!

G'Spirit Basketball is a skill-based sports game that allows for growth, improvement and most of all fun with friends! Verse your friends or family in this exciting street basketball styled game, which is well suited for players of all ages and skill levels. This game earns well in medium to large locations, such as Family Entertainment Centers or dedicated arcade locations.


  • voltage: AC220V
  • Game designed for 1-2 players
  • installed the 1P-button and 2P-button
  • 5 gameplay levels
  • can link max 8 units
  • shocked music sound, all show basketball playing sports passion
  • LED display
  • high quality coin selector and ticket dispenser installed

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