Gachamambo! Medal Machine

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This machine is an eye catching gashapon (capsule toy) like medal machine. Once you put the medals into the machine it enters into a lottery if you win this the slot will begin to turn and if you do this well and capture the right capsule. You can receive the Jackpot, during the jackpot the coins fall from the conga located at the top right of the machine. If this doesn't happen, there is a second chance at jackpot, there is another lottery slot located on the second step of the machine, if the medal travels naturally down this path then you will receive the music bonus jackpot, and a chance at a mini-game. Furthermore there is one other chance at receiving the medals, that is the random tequila chance, if someone receives this then all the players on the machine will receive medals. There can be up to 6 players at any one time.

  • AC100V, 1493W

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