Galactic Force 6D Simulator Machine

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Experience a fast paced adventure with Galactic Force, a 6D simulator which provides the guests with a thrilling ride to an unexplored planet and works on several levels to thrill the guests with water, wind, motion, and other effects.

Galactic Force provides a multilayered experience through the following effects: Motion Platform; Water Emitters; Wind Emitters; Wraparound Screen - Surround Sound; and Responsive Blasters.

The action unfolds on a truly impressive 9 x 2.2m screen. The video feed is produced by 3 projectors synchronized together to deliver a breathtaking experience. Galactic Force is equipped with 2 outward facing monitors, which demo the game to the public creating even more interest to you attraction.

The 8-seat platform moves on 3 different axes to better deliver all the shakes and collisions of the virtual ride and thrills your guests. The simulator is equipped with pre-game safety instructions, as well as a comprehensive operator control panel, to keep your guests safe and you in total control.

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