Ghost & Monsters Part 2

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Based on Ghost & Monsters, a children token game, Amuzy Corporation launched an enhanced and upgraded edition, Ghost & Monsters Part 2.

With this latest development, a player can choose one challenge out of three, and should use a rotating-style controller to aim at monsters on the screen and make attacks. By beating a certain quantity of monsters, the player can move towards the monster king challenge. By beating the monster king, the player has the chance of challenging the JACKPOT level, during which level the player needs to aim at the rope holding the token and shoot the arrow. If the player smoothly cuts off the rope, he/she can obtain a large quantity of tokens. If the player fails to cut off the rope, he/she can still continue to challenge the JACKPOT level.

For operators, it is very simple to modify the appearance of Ghost & Monsters Part 2 and get a software upgrade. And, with the electricity saving design, the machine's power consumption is only 300 watts. The eye-dazzling lighting and remarkable sound effects are also very attractive to consumers. All these features make the game a top choice for operators.

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