Golgo 13

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A light gun game based around long running manga series Golgo 13. Players assume the role of hitman Duke Togo: codename Golgo 13. Players use a M16 rifle which zooms in on the screen when you look through the scope, similar to Silent Scope.

Players undertake a series of missions which generally involve assassinating a target. The players success is rated with an accuracy score, with the score dependent on factors such as target zone and ammunition. If you hit a target zone such as the heart or the head, it will boost your score, but missing the target or hitting a non-vital body part will see your score plummet.

Assignments take place in blocks of 5, and can be completed in any order. Once all 5 assignments have been undertaken a new round of assignments becomes available. In total there are 4 rounds each consisting of 5 assignments, with each round becoming progressively harder.

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