Groove Coaster Arcade Machine

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In Groove Coaster, players follow their in-game avatar on a high-speed journey along a fantastical 3D rollercoaster track.

The Original iOS Groove Coaster was a fantastic rhythm game made by the creators of Space Invaders Infinity Gene and now moves from touchscreen to Japanese arcades.

Carefully timed taps, flicks, swipes, and other interactions with approaching targets unleash a variety of lush audiovisual effects, creating a layered symphony of sound.

Bringing to mind the very best in music video graphics, each stage in Groove Coaster has been painstakingly designed to represent the feel of the song to the fullest extent possible, drawing the player into an involving world of synesthesia.

Groove Coaster also includes a number of elements that mature and develop as the player progresses through the game; new player avatars, in-game skin designs, and other items can all be acquired through extended play.

The game also boasts a special stage - entitled "The Beginning" - that develops differently for each player.


  • Unique Booster Controls
  • 55 inch vertical monitor
  • 4 speakers and 1 subwoofer
  • Headphone terminal
  • Linkable up to 4 machines

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