Gun Bullet SD Arcade Machine

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Gun Bullet is the Japanese version of Point Blank. It is a light gun shooting arcade machine consisting of a variety of mini games. The Player uses his/her gun in a variety of different stages some requiring a lightning fast gun trigger, some requiring pinpoint accuracy and some requiring a quick decisive mind.

Gun Bullet portrays the story of two gun-slinging companioneros and adventurers, Dr. Don and Dr. Dan. You adopt their collective identity throughout the single-player and two-player head-to-head score-battle mode.

The player starts off with a number of hearts (life points) for each mistake like failing to meet the stage's objective or quota or by shooting a bomb or the wrong target a heart is lost. Losing all hearts results in game over, more hearts can be gain in bonus stages.

The stages are incredibly irresistible and fun, luring you into a seemingly endless stream of continues until you either succeed at a challenge or get a red flag for that level and move on to the next. If you fail, you'll lose one life and continue with the set until you're dead.

Whether you win or lose a level, you'll get a certain number of points for how hard you tried (or how long you managed to stay alive). Once you finish four levels, you'll get four more until you either die or the difficulty level is complete - at which point, you fight the final battle and disappear into a flurry of fireworks and adulation when you win.

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