Gunslinger Stratos Arcade Machine

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Gunslinger Stratos from Square Enix is an exciting game in which players dual-wield a pair of light guns and engage in either solo battle or with other players.

The online features of this game allow up to four players to battle against another four players, and thus the game focuses on network centric game play displayed on a massive 60" plasma screen (1080p).

Connect the handguns together to initiate special attacks such as 'Side by Side Style' and 'Tandem Style', while controlling the movement of your character with a thumbstick located on one of the handguns.

The game play looks really fun and simple, the graphics look fantastic and there is a wide range of characters for players to choose from.

  • Dual handgun controllers, connect for special moves.
  • Thumbstick controller on one of the handguns.
  • 60" plasma screen.
  • 1080p display resolution.
  • 4vs4 Team Battle - online feature
  • Network centric play.

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