Half Life 2 Survivor

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A arcade modified version of Half Life 2. The machine features an innovative set of controls that allows a lot move freedom of move that the standard action shooter.

The Player controls consists of 2 joysticks. The left is a short domed joystick that can easily be gripped in the left hand. This is used for movement. The right joystick is modeled like a flight joystick. This is used for aiming and to look around the environment. The right joystick is also used to cycle through available weapons with the use of a thumb wheel on top of the joystick, along with primary and secondary fire.

To add more variety in the game the machine is also equipped with 2 pedals. The left is for crouch to go through narrow tunnels and passages. The right is to jump to make it to higher ground or to clear obstacles. As will most games these days, it does the player card memory system, which keeps track of your stats, preferences and progress through the different modes. Modes include story mode (advance through as the main character's story unfolds), 4 on 4 battle mode (head to head against human players) and mission select (set scenarios 25 missions in total).

The game features a big select of characters. The characters are split into 2 groups the special forces (humans) and the Combines. There are 4 classes of jobs available for each side, they are Ranger -Soldier -Sniper -Engineer. Different classes have access to different weapons including Shotgun, Bazooka, Sniper Rifle and Combat Stick.

  • Available in Sitdown and Upright Model Cabinets - Both feature HD LCD Wide Screen Panels

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