Happy Cruise Arcade Machine

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The Happy Cruise Arcade Machine is a driving/steering video kiddy ride which features an in-built water system to simulate the player cruisng across the waves.

This coin-operated water system, motion cabinet features a 23 inch LCD screen, exciting and interactive video game features with 3 stages, and a speed boat seat built on the top of a mini real water pool.

Thsi crazy driving game is loads of fun for players, and with realistic spray and water it is a highly immersive and engaging experience for young players!

The machine itself is easy to operate with buttons and unique steering wheel, players will get the hang of it in no time and they will keep coming back for more!

This Happy Cruise Arcade Machine comes with three game themes, including Torrent, beautiful Water town, and Amusement Park. Players must steer their boat down the river to avoid obstacles and collect goodies!

This fun and bright cabinet, with real mini water pool and in-built spray system, will draw in players from all across the floor and will keep them coming back. This machine earns well in a variety of locations.

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