Harley Davidson Pinball (1999)

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With the theme of ever-popular Harley Davidson Motorcycles, this pinball features the authentic Harley Davidson engine sounds and offers three different multiball modes:

  • FLSTS Heritage Springer Motorcycle Ball Lock - does a wheelie, allowing players to lock balls for explosive 4 ball Motorcycle Multiball.
  • 3 Dimensional Molded Stoplight - complete playfield stoplights to light up the 3D stoplight for Redlight Multiball.
  • Speedometer Ramp - the ramp shots display the ball speed. Shoot the ramp to complete gears and light the speedometer for Speedometer Multiball.

Note: Production of this game was continued from the original by Sega Pinball.

  • Feel the shaker motor rumble as you take off down the road.
  • Electro up - a post stops the balls exiting between flippers.
  • Classic Rock and Roll riding music.
  • Four Pop Bumpers and Eight Classic Drop Targets, along with lots of other mechanical devices

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