Hey Banana Double Crane Machine

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The Hey Banana Double Crane Machine is a 42" crane machine that uses a large primary claw to pick up main prizes, and a second smaller claw to pick consolation candy!

This crane is unique in that each claw is at the end of each long, hairy arm of the cheeky monkey that sits inside the machine! This large, claw-armed monkey toy inside the crane will attract lots of attention and will help the crane to stand out in any location.

How to Play:

  • Insert coins
  • Use the joystick to position the large crane into the desired position (the claw can move right, left, forward and backwards), but be quick, you're on a time limit!
  • Once positioned just the way you like, press the button to lower the claw and pick up the prize
  • If you miss out on the big prize, use the same directions with the smaller claw to pick up some consolation candy!

The cabinet is made of durable steel for longevity in even the roughest locations, and features LED flashing lights and shaking system to attract and delight players!

The Hey Banana Double Claw Crane Machine uses a small footprint, allowing it to fit in a wider variety of locations, and is perfect for street locations and Family Entertainment Centers alike.

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