HipHopMania Complete Mix 2

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Hiphopmania Complete Mix 2 contains many more songs, combining songs from HHM Complete Mix, Beatmania 4th Mix, 5th Mix, and 10 brand new songs, for a total of 65 songs.

Also HHM Complete Mix 2 offers more music genres to appeal to more players. New music genres include Progressive, Minimal, Techno Pop, Trance, Hiphop, Tribal, Latin Ska, Acid Beats, R&B, and Mods. Each type of music is graded according to its difficulty.

The same great game play is featured. Press the keys and scratch with the turntable in time with the notes onscreen to make great music. Timing is everything. If your rhythm is good, your "groove level" will stay high, and you can go to the next stage. If your timing is off, your "groove level" will be low, and you will not make it to the next stage.

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