i-Jump Kids Basketball Arcade Machine

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i-Jump Kids is a Kiddy Basketball Sports Arcade Machine designed for younger kids. The innovative design with vibrant colors, exciting music and unique lighting effects, has all been specially designed to capture the attention of kids and young teens who want to be energetic and sporty.

Players get to test their skills by trying to make as many baskets as possible and can even challenge their friends to play against them, as these cabinets having linking capabilities as well!

This simple and classic game play concept is a winner in every arcade and is always super popular, especially with the kids, because it entirely relies on the skill of the player and there is always room to improve to win bigger each time.


  • LED's at the bottom create super lighting effects;

  • Exciting Music and Sound Effects;

  • Real Game Emotion, with extremely high scores;

  • Innovative design, with vibrant colors, and fun characters;

  • Stations can be linked for real time competitions;

  • Super LED Displays show Credits, Time Countdown, Score and Highscore;

  • Automatic Scoring System;

  • Operated by coin, token or smartcard for easy collection;

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