i-Target Arcade Machine

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i-Target is a target shooting arcade game machine. Bright yellow LED's randomly light up on the playfield indicating where to shoot, with the player using a shotgun to control all of the action. The game has a Wild West theme, complete with music and realistic sound effects.

The cabinet is made from resistant materials for durability and protection, while the bold design attracts players to come and test their skills. i-Target is perfect for those seeking a game that requires concentration, focus, agility and skill.

The LED display at the top of the machine shows credits, game time, score, and highscore. The machine is made from resistant materials and can be operated by coin, token or swipecards.

Players will come back again and again to improve their game, get better and win bigger. Players of all ages love this game for it's simple, skill-based game play concept.


  • Wild west theme with fun colors and scenario;

  • Bright yellow LED's indicate where to shoot;

  • Amazing theme music and realistic sound effects;

  • LED Displays show credits, game time, score and high score;

  • Automatic Electronic Score;

  • Operated by coin, token or smartcard for easy collection;

  • Prepared for Redemption Tickets.

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