Ice Ball Alley Roller Arcade Machine

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ICE'S version of the traditional alley roller. Ice Ball was designed with the operator in mind at all times, with durability and serviceability in every area of the game.

It is a 10 ft. alley that has a number of great features ranging from the electronics which were strategically placed in the front of the game as opposed to the old skeeballs which had all the electronics in the back of the game making access so much more difficult. Now changing the ticket settings, number of balls per play or bonus balls is all at your finger tips right at the front of the games.

Furthermore, Ice Ball uses a vinyl material for the alley itself, making it easy to clean. Scoring is accomplished by using optical sensors in the target area, instead of the problem prone micro switches. Also you can adjust the point scoring levels with the push of a button. The replenishment of tickets is fast and easy with the drawer slide out system.

  • Ticket dispenser
  • Metal mesh cage
  • Beacon light
  • Shipping Size 67"L x 30"W x 91"H
  • Power 110V@2 amps / 220V@1 amp
  • Cord Sizes 9' & 21'

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