Jubeat Knit Arcade Machine

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Jubeat Knit Arcade Machine is a touch screen music rhythm game by Konami and is the third game in the Jubeat series.

The cabinet features 16 panels that the player must hit in time with the movement of the onscreen icons.

There are 52 new songs in this game, with total of 183, plus dj TAKA, ピンクターボ, and SUPER STAR 満-MITSURU- make their series debut in this edition of the game. This game also features a new, male announcer and was on of the first Bemani releases to use the PASELI e-money system.

There is also a unique feature to this edition which is where it's name comes from: Achievement Points are now used to collect wool, which is used to knit shirts. Each shirt has a different wool cost; when a shirt is completed, a new song, marker, or background is unlocked. One wool requires approximately 4200 Achievement Points (exact number unconfirmed).

There are five colors of shirts: White, Lime, Dandelion, Crimson, and Indigo. After completing the first White shirt, the player may choose to apply wool toward a shirt in any of the other four colors. After unlocking all songs, markers, and backgrounds from these colors, the Rainbow color becomes available, and accessing all items in the Rainbow color unlocks the Black color. Only one wool may be applied per playthrough.

Players can unlock songs, background colours, and all sorts of features in the game with the shirts theyh knit.

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