Jubeat Ripples Arcade Machine

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Jubeat ripples Arcade Machine is the second game in Konami's music rhythm game series. The cabinet features a 4x4 grid of touchscreen square panels. These panels light up, and players must use their hands to touch the panels in time with the music. New to this version is a tournament function and a new "grade-up" system.

The cabinets can be linked for local play, with up to 4 players able to compete at a time. e-AMUSEMENT support is also included, allowing players to compete over the internet. Registered e-AMUSEMENT PASS holders can hold tournaments to compete with other players who signed up on the e-AMUSEMENT site in advance.

Other changes in this version include the specific requirements for "CLASS-UPs" and hidden contents have been replaced with gaining a specific amount of grade points; the tune selection screen allows different "sorting" preferences, including: difficulty, BPM, rating, score; and additional background colours and markers (some to be unlocked by grade-up).

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