Jurassic Park Arcade Environmental SD Machine

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Jurassic Park Arcade Environmental SD Machine is an exciting shooting style video game version of 2015 movie remake of Jurassic Park from Raw Thrills.

Players must rescue the cloned dinosaurs who are running amok in the Jurassic wildlife adventure park! Players will use their high-powered, force-feedback "tranquilizer guns" to subdue and help save 30 species of the menacing, cloned dinosaurs, running loose across "Isla Nublar" while attempting to restore order to Jurassic Park.

Jurassic Park Environment SD Model features a massive 55" HD LED Widescreen Display, enhanced Gun System and brilliant Cabinet Lighting with over 1000 LED Lights synchronized with in-game actions, and its extremely eye-catching and gigantic sized T-Rex Dino Marquee Topper, along with nine exciting, frantic levels of non-stop dinosaur chasing action in Jurassic Park Arcade.


▪ "THRILL-D" Digital Sound System With Seat Shaker
▪ Based On The Hit "Jurassic Park" Movie Franchise
▪ Gigantic 3 Foot Tall T-Rex Dino Topper Marquee
▪ Cutting-Edge Game Graphics and Digital Sound
▪ Over 1000 Eye-Catching Color-Shifting LED's
▪ Massive 55" HD LCD Widescreen Display
▪ Over 30 Different Dinosaur Species
▪ 5 Giant Jurassic Park Gates With Logo
▪ 9 Exciting, Action Packed Jurassic Park Missions
▪ 2 "Non-Lethal" Force Feedback Tranquilizer Guns
▪ LED Cabinet Lighting Synchronized With Game Actions

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