Let's Go Island Non-Motion DX Arcade Machine

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Let's Go Island is a 2-player light gun shooter, non-motion deluxe (DX) arcade machine from Sega. It is the sequel to Let's Go Jungle, and features two new characters who are on a South Pacific Island diving tour when they run into trouble with pirates.

Let's Go Island's cabinet features an open style design with a bright boat theme, and is quite a departure from Let's Go Jungle's closed theatre style cabinet. Players control the action with fixed auto reload swivel machine guns, with co-operative play once again underscoring the action as players battle through different islands and undersea worlds. The game also features many minigames to entertain and test the skills of the players, who are required to work in co-operation.

Let's Go Island is also available in a motion DX cabinet, and a SD cabinet.

  • 47" HD LCD monitor
  • Non Motion model

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