Loony Tix Arcade Machine

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Loony Tix Arcade Machine is a ticket redemption video touchscreen game that is colourful and fast-paced; designed for players of all ages!

Players are greeted on the large 46”, 10-point, multi-touch HD Monitor by "Grabbit", an energetic cartoon rabbit who acts as host and helps players learn the game. When play begins, the screen fills with colorful tickets flying around the screen. Players then must tap the screen and “grab" as many tickets as possible before time runs out - The more tickets players touch, the more they win!

To add to the excitement, obstacles slow down player's progress, while many power-ups add to player scores! And when "Special Tickets" lights up on the big, colorful marquee, players can win the Big Bonus Ticket Jackpot.

Loony Tix comes in the new ITS "IMPACT" game cabinet, which was designed with player approachability and easy maintenance - And cabinet can be adjusted to any height to accommodate appropriate age players. Cabinet components are located in housing just below the TV, making it easy for younger players to insert tokens, bills or swipe cards, as well as collect tickets!

Loony Tix offers lots of operator adjustable settings, making it a perfect for any redemption location, such as tickets awarded, game time, jackpot amount and hit frequencies, and adjustable for best performance.


▪ Fast Paced Redemption Fun for All Ages
▪ Touch The Screen to Grab the Tickets
▪ Spell LoonyTIX to win the BIG BONUS
▪ Durable 10-Point Hi-Def Touch Screen
▪ Modular Components for Easy Access
▪ Adjustable Height / Small Footprint
▪ Operator-Adjustable Software Settings
▪ Future Conversion Kits Planned

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