Lost Land Adventure Arcade Machine

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Lost Land Adventure arcade machine is a light gun, 2 player game cabinet in which players tackle monsters of all kinds.

The game is a jungle safari themed video simulation game for two players.

The large, enclosed, sit-down cabinet features small light gun controls with force feedback, a 180 degree dome screen for highly immersive gameplay, HD graphics, and uses the BANApassport card system.

The gameplay consists of four stages and a fifth mystery bonus stage. The different stages consist of both battle and puzzle components for players complete.

Players must work together to complete each stage, taking on hoardes of spiders or stone mummies, etc. and destorying bosses.

However, players are also competing against each other at the same time: at the end of each stage points will be tallied and only one player can be the winner!

This brightly lit and exciting cabinet will draw in players from all across the floor, while the unique co-operative-yet-competitive style will keep players coming back for more, time after time.


Players join Jack, a treasure hunter, in an expedition into remote locations in search of hidden treasures.

The treasures on the map will not be easy to retrieve as many obstacles and creatures stand in the way.

Players will have to use quick reflexes to blast away enemies all around the almost 180 degree curved screen.

Players of the first two-player dome screen game will also have to solve puzzles in the game to advance.

With four selectable stages, players can choose their own adventure and save their progress with the PIN System; a first for shooting games.

Completing all four stages will unlock an additional fifth stage.

Upon completion of the game, players are treated to alternate endings based on the jewels and treasures collected throughout the game.

Installed dimensions:

111"W x 91"D x 91"H

Shipping Dimensions (5 pieces):

56"W x 38"D x 81"H 400lbs
48"W x 40"D x 74"H 264lbs
92"W x 46"D x 48"H 341lbs
68"W x 40"D x 44"H 145lbs
48"W x 40"D x 81"H 320lbs

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