Magic Shot Prize Redemption Arcade Machine

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Magic Shot Prize Redemption Arcade Machine is an exciting game of skill from Andamiro. This prize redemption game is 100% based on user skill and the eye level play zone gives players the confidence of winning. The cabinet is sturdy, brightly lit with LED lighting, has adjustable prize bins of various sizes with anti-theft protection and based on the iPhone design.

How to play:

  • Select the prize you wish to win then aim for the corresponding numbered hole
  • Now the arm is moving
  • Release button on reaching the desired target
  • If the "S" successfully passes through the hole you win the prize!
  • Anti-Theft Protection For Each Prize Bin
  • Adjustable Prize Bins To Hold Various Size Prizes
  • Simple 1 Button Control
  • Reliable & Accurate Payout Setting By Using Stepping Motor Mechanism

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