Mario Kart GP DX (3) Arcade Machine - Japanese Version

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Mario Kart GP DX arcade machine is the third installment in the arcade series from Namco Bandai Games. The game features include:

  • Namco's camera feature - players can take a photograph of themselves before the game starts which will be displayed in game. These photos can be decorated with funny hats, facial features (moustaches, eyebrows, etc) and items of clothing to make the photos more fun! The winner of the race also gets a crown placed on their photo to show they are the reigning champion!

  • The cabinet can be linked with up to three other cabinet (four cabinets ca be linked in total) to allow for multiplayer functionality, and create a more immersive sense of competition by battling friends.

  • Three modes of play, including Grand Prix, Clone Battle and Two-Player Mode; and each race is made up of 6 racers.

  • Co-operative play is only possible with a special power up which transforms the karts into a tank. One player drives while the other controls the turret and can shoot an infinite amount of Green Shells at opponents, but only for a limited period of time.

  • The game features elements from Mario Kart 7, such as gliders and underwater courses.

  • Players can use a Banapassport system for this installment, as opposed to the Mario Cards used in the first two editions.

  • The commentary from Mario Kart Arcade GP returns and this time is voiced by Rica Matsumoto for the Japanese version.

  • a total of twelve playable characters (nine are default, three are unlockable) abd are divided into four classes: Featherweight(Toad, Don-chan from the Taiko no Tatsujin series and Bowser Jr.), Lightweight (Princess Peach, Yoshi and Waluigi), Middleweight (Mario, Luigi and Pacman) and Heavyweight (Donkey Kong, Bowser and Wario).

  • 23 karts to choose from and over 100 items to pick up during game play - this is more included items than in any other Mario Kart game.

  • 10 race tracks over five Cups: the Toad Cup has the Peach Castle and Kingdom Way tracks; the Mario Cup has the Splash Circuit and Tropical Coast tracks; the Don-chan Cup has the Bonodori Street and Omatsuri Circuit tracks; the Bowser Jr. Cup has the Aerial Road and the Sky Arena tracks; and the Bowser Cup has the Bowser Factory and Bowser Castle tracks.

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