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Mary Shelley's Frankenstein Pinball (1995)

Mary Shelley's Frankenstein Pinball (1995)
Product Details
Manufacturer :Data East
Year Released :1995
Category :Pinball Machines

About Mary Shelley's Frankenstein Pinball (1995)

Based on the movie of the same name, Mary Shelley's Frankenstein features a model of the creature (head to waist) on the playfield, who catches balls and throws them toward flippers or bumpers.

Product Details for Mary Shelley's Frankenstein Pinball (1995)

  • 3 flippers
  • 1 ramps
  • Up to 6-ball multiball
  • Automatic plunger
  • Frankenstein model throws balls toward flippers or bumpers

Product Database
Product Name :Mary Shelley's Frankenstein Pinball (1995)
Category Type :Pinball Machines
Manufacturer :Data East
Year Of Release :1995
Product Size :Width: 125.0 cm
Depth: 75.0 cm
Height: 135.0 cm
Product Weight :273.375 kg

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