Mega Color Match Lite Arcade Machine

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Mega Color Match Lite Arcade Machine is a ticket video redemption game! Players love this hit color-matching puzzle video game sensation from LAI Games and it now comes in a MEGA SIZED Ticket Version!

Players use both their hand-eye coordination and timing skills in order to match the changing colors on the Mega Color Match GIANT rotating video wheel in order to win a prize Minor Prize. Then they can risk their earnings to try to win a Major Prize by match the rotating colors again at a faster rate!

Mega Color Match Lite comes in a attraction-sized and highly attractive, eye-catching LED Illuminated Cabinet with Multi-Color LED glowing light effects, and with a variety of options to vend Minor Prizes (Capsules, Spiral Vend or Tickets) and comes with adjustable "Mercy Vend" option.

Mega Color Match Lite comes in a heavy-duty steel and tempered glass cabinet, is easy to setup with LAI's on-screen operator menu which eliminates the need for a manual, and is coin, note acceptor and card-swipe ready!

This bright, light coloured LED cabinet will draw in players from all across the floor, while the simple and addictive game play will keep players coming back for more chances to win big!


  • HUGE Attraction-Sized LED Lighted Cabinet
  • Offers Major and Minor Ticket Prize Options
  • 3 Ticket Dispensers For Fast Ticket Payouts
  • Ticket Redemption "Game Of Skill"
  • User Friendly Operator Menu

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