Mini Album Photo Machine

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  • Create a fancy and cute mini photo album with ‘Mini Album' machine
  • Select your photos or take photos to create your own photo album
  • Fabulous mini photo albums are lovely accessories for everyone
  • More than 50 different designs of Album cover are available
  • Mini Album supports instant photo shoot for customers who don't have the device to use
  • Take photos with the HD resolution camera equipped on Mini Album
  • Various options to play
  • Take 20 photos and select 14 photos to use

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy S, Galaxy Tab, HTC, Black Berry, and more.Provides Wide range of accessibility by supporting most selling smartphone models.
1 Consumable Kit components
  • 1 roll of photo paper for 200 prints(1 print = 2 copies)
  • Ink Ribbon for 200 prints(No additional ink for the printer is needed)
  • 200 sets of Mini album cover(400ea)Glossy photo paper

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