Mini Hockey Kids Air Hockey Table

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The Mini Hockey Kids Air Hockey Table is a mini sports table suitable for children from 2 years of age, as it uses a smaller playfield and shorter table length. Kids simply love playing this fun mini air hockey game!

The air hockey table comes with numerous features such as Durable Aluminum Body, Chasing LED Lights and Side Puck Sensors along its Polycarbonate Glass Playfield, which is visually appealing and virtually scratch free, along with side safety guards to keeps pucks on the table, dual coin acceptors (on both sides) and dual ticket dispensers for redemption use.

The table is equipped with a special "attraction mode", which plays music to attract attention to the table from passing customers, and all table settings - such as volume, pricing, number of tickets, score, etc. - are easily adjustable by the operator.

The cabinet also features a lockable cash box and a double key entry for added security for your machine.

The Mini Hocke Kids Air Hockey Table is great for a wide variety of locations that cater to families and young children, such as Family Entertainment Center. With it's fun, colourful cabinet, LED lighting, and catchy music, this table will draw in kids from all across the floor.


  • For 2 years and Up
  • Bright and Fun!
  • Attraction mode includes sound and music
  • Both players win tickets
  • Chasing LED lights
  • Easy sound volume adjustment
  • Dual coin acceptors and ticket dispensers
  • Lockable cash boxes

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