Moni Tertainment Music Channel (Idol Puppy)

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A fantasy machine that allows you to train a puppy dog into becoming a Pop Idol. You can start by purchasing a Idol Puppy electronic game which is along the lines of the old tamagotchi toys. Where you see your pet on a small black and white LCD screen. You can interact with your pet by pressing buttons at certain times of the day.

The modern twist on these classic toys is that you can connect them to the machine and see them in full colour 3D glory. While connected you can purchase new outfits, she them perform on stage and progress through their career. Once you finish the data is stored back on your portable electronic game. This combination of trading cards and simulators have become incredibly popular and have been applied also stategy games, fighting games and many other genres.

The gameplay flows as follows, you inser the character card of your puppy, then your star card. Which brings you to your song selection screen. Then you can feed in the outfit cards you wish your puppy to wear. Once the performance starts you press the left/right or both buttons to together to make the puppy dance. You are finally rated on your performance.

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