Monster Eye 5D Deluxe Theater Cabinet Arcade Machine

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The Monster Eye 5D Deluxe Theater Cabinet is a 2 player shooting game arcade machine, which features lots of simulation features.

The cabinet features incredible monster themed artwork, an enclosed theater cabinet, 55" LCD monitor, 5.1 Channel surround sound speakers, motion/vibrating seat, and loads of simulation features.

This highly immersive game has players on the edge of their seat as they shoot their way through 5 stages, including Ocean Park, Forest Train, Chinatown, Central Station, and a Secret Stage. It also features an awesome weapon called the Energy Blast, which players can activated by pressing the 'S' button.

This large cabinet with it's thrilling monster design will draw in players from all across the floor, while the amazing game play will keep them coming back time and again.


  • Cinematic Style 5D Enclosed Theater Game Play
  • 2 Player Deluxe Theater Cabinet
  • Powerful Digital 5.1 Channel Surround Sound
  • Air Blow Feature - When the Monster roars, players you will feel the Monsters heat and Breath on them
  • Unique Body Motion Capture Feature - Players use their bodies to control Dodge, Swim and Motion Events
  • Vibrating/Shaking Seat - Seat will shake with game.
  • Super Energy Blast Game Feature - Players press the S button to activate the Super Energy Blast
  • 5 Game Stages including a Secret Stage.

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