Monster Roll Cage

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Monster Roll Cage is an unparalleled multi-sensory experience of unrestrained racing and real monster truck feel for people of all ages. Monster Roll Cage, featuring EnTCo's X-Vector motion base and high-end graphics system, enables two riders to race and participate in a virtual monster truck competition. Players can burn tread, smash bumpers and feel every shake, shutter, climb and rollover in this fun and exhilarating off-road driving experience. With the X-Vector simulation platform, which features 360 degrees of continuous rotation on the pitch and roll axis, guests will feel the acceleration and terrain in the vehicle as they perform some wild stunts and try to avoid crashing. With dual driving controls, both players get to experience the hair-raising stunts and climbs. The High Definition Projection System delivers a crisp, clear and realistic "out the window" display. Tactile stimulators will enable the player to feel the rumble of the road and the awesome horsepower under their virtual hood. An innovative physically modeled animation system allows for a new level of lifelike subtlety in the motion of all computer generated imagery (CGI), and the graphics engine pushes detail into the realistic environments.

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