MT3000 MaxZilla Monster Truck Simulator

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Another interactive simulator game from MaxFlight. Drive a fully-interactive monster truck across treacherous terrain in this multi-player networked game.

Drivers climb aboard the blue monster, strap into the dual-steering truck cab and peel out on a hair-raising joy-ride through a virtual obstacle course.

MaxFlight's "what you view is what you do" technology lets riders race along the precarious course and literally climb the hill, fall and full-circle flop off the treacherous terrain. Every shake, rattle, 360 degree flip and roll that riders see on the huge 58" screen is what they actually do.

Drivers are in complete control as they motor and really move with truly interactive shift, brake and accelerator action.

  • Full 2-axis 360-degree motion base simulator
  • Plays Per Hour based on time selected
  • Cycle Time Per Play: variable
  • Drivers Per Machine: Two
  • Platform: Intel compatible PC, Microsoft Windows 2000
  • Display System: LCD Projector

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