Need For Speed Carbon DX

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Need For Speed Carbon is a car racing game from Global VR as part of the popular Need for Speed series. It has been adapted by Global VR for the arcade from the original EA game Need for Speed Carbon, which was released to home consoles in 2006. The game is available in a 42" DX version, or a 32" SD version.

Players can choose from a variety of cars, including tuners, exotics and American muscle cars. There are three modes of play: Amusement Mode, Career Mode and Drifting. Career Mode allows you to create you own personal garage and earn specialty cars, similar to the career mode in EA's original game.

Amusement mode also allows you to customize cars, with the player able you customise up to 10 cars. In Amusement mode you can choose from 7 different tracks and 3 difficulty settings, and can race head to head with up to 4 players. The racing takes place on the streets and like previous NFS games there are many shortcuts and different routes to take. You can also race in attack mode to beat your own best time.

Drift mode features drift racing, where you slide around the track and try to earn as many points as possible for the most outrageous drift, earning more points for sliding around the corners fast and on an angle without hitting the wall. Drift mode can be played solo or in linked play.

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