Neon FM Asian Model Arcade Machine

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The Neon FM Asian Model Arcade Machine is a music and rhythm video arcade game which has been redesgined for the Asian market with the help of South Korean company, Andamiro. It comes with optional ticket redemption and in a choice of black or white cabinet.

Players pound five brightly colored buttons with their hands to the beat of the music as accurately
as possible, and are scored on both timing and accuracy.

Neon FM offer many play choices, and songs have many levels of difficulty, allowing players of any skill to play, and comes with a "Beginner" game mode that reduces the number of buttons to slowly ease the player into the game. Neon-FM also doesn't penalize players for poor play style as the games "AI" reduces the difficulty, while still in play.

Neon FM also has the ability to run as a Ticket Videmption Game, with 2 ticket dispensing modes, though the default mode game is called "Roulette". In this game players earn exciting spins on a wheel that has a number of ticket amounts, and the "Direct" game mode, which dispenses tickets after play is completed, proportional to player scores.

Neon FM is all about modern hit music, and new music tracks are released every week ! This drives players to come back often to play new songs, and they can be sampled before playing them - Songs can be priced by the operator to allow licensed mainstream tracks at premium prices to casual players, and to provide less expensive play to seasoned gamers at the same time.

Neon FM is networkable, and multiple machines can be linked to support simultaneous play. Players can
also choose to not compete and do their own thing.

Players use their Unit-e accounts to save scores, track their progress and compete internationally, and can use their smartphones to point and shoot a QR Code to login quickly and personalize their own game experiences.

More information to come on the cabinet and any changes to the above gameplay when machine is released in August.

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