Nostalgia Arcade Machine

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Nostalgia is a piano based touch music game released by Konami. The game features a simple piano controller placed just below the screen. As notes descend on the screen, the player must hit the corresponding piano key in time with the notes.

Nostalgia includes both red and blue notes, with the red notes being hit with the right hand and the blue notes being hit with the left. Certain songs may even suggest that the player cross their hands over to hit the notes correctly.

Beside the basic notes, Nostalgia features three types of special notes:

  • Tenuto: A long note, much like hold notes on other BEMANI games.
  • Glissando: A slide note across several keys.
  • Trill: Similar in appearance to a tenuto note, it has to be hit with two adjacent keys in quick succession.

  • Unique Piano Style Controller
  • Three types of special notes: Tenuto, Glissando and Trill
  • Two game modes: Standard and Forte

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