Ocean King 2: Monster's Revenge 55" Arcade Machine

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Ocean King 2 : Monster's Revenge Arcade Machine is the follow up video redemption, fish hunting game to the phenomenally successful Ocean King game.

Once again, players get behind the joystick and battle the monsters who have come to avenge the fallen fish from the original Ocean King game. Gameplay matches the original - stack credits, aim with joystick, fire weapons using 'SHOOT' button, and change guns using the 'WEAPON' change button - but the game itself is packed full of new characters, mini-games and features for players to enjoy.

There are 16 returning characters from the original, including Fugu, Snapper, Clown Fish, Butterfly Fish, Flounder, Lion Fish, Lantern Fish, Devilfish, Lobster, Shark, Sea Turtle, Octopus, Saw Shark, Killer Whale, Overlord Humpback Whale, and Bomb Crab. There are also some new characters included, such as Fire Dragon and Electromagnetic Cannon Crab, and there are also Giant Fish in the game, which are supersized fish like Clown Fish, Fugu, or, Butterfly Fish. These Giant Fish are much harder to kill and so are worth many more points!

Ocean King 2: Monster's Revenge has a new character game play feature with the introduction of four BOSS characters. These huge marine monsters are the ones coming after players! The BOSS characters include:

  • The Prehistoric Giant Crocodile - he will attack players as he swims by, damaging their weapons.
  • The Night Monster - who makes the screen go dark, and it becomes very hard to see any of the other fish to score points.
  • Overlord Crab - all hail! This king of crabs can be taken out either by damaging his pincers or killing him directly.
  • Deep Sea Octopus - this monster is too huge to fit on the screen, players must attack his tentacles to defeat him!

Ocean King 2 also has a range of powerful new weapons! The regular weapons which players can switch between at any stage during the game include the Fish Net gun, the Gun Tube, and the Lock gun, however there are also other special weapons which appear at random. These weapons are essential for players to use to catch lots of fish very quickly and earn the highest scores. These weapons include:

  • Drill Cannon - ricochets from one side of the screen to the next, damaging and/or killing everything in it's path. Once it has travelled as much as it can, it explodes taking even more fish.
  • Chain Explosion Crab - otherwise known as Bomb Crab. This revised character weapon doesn't just explode once like in the original, it explodes a whopping 3 times, moving around the screen with each explosion! This is capable of killing all fish in range with a maximum of x10 credits to players for huge point earning potential!
  • Flamestrike De-Buff - this feature appears at random. Players must shoot the weapon in the specified time and they will be eligible to get Double Score or Extension of Shooting time, making this a key weapon for achieving high scores.

The game has also kept some of the classic features from the original game, including Chain Lightning, Electromagnetic Crab, and Overlord Whale. While it's nice to have these familiar features, it also introduces a never-before seen mini-game called Battle in the Golden City, which is free to enter. The game appears randomly and players must catch the fish within the time limit. Score potential is unlimited and players can get rewards, such as Double Treasure Chests!

The game uses HD 3D grphics, which brings to life the amazingly detailed and vibrant new stages and characters! With plenty to look at and constant action, this game is thrilling for both players and onlookers. This action-packed game is loaded with fresh new characters, new game features and new mini-games making this one the most detailed fish hunting style games in the market.

There are also a number of operator adjustable features to customize the game to suit your location, including Payout function, background music, sound effects, shooting time limit, odds and chance levels, plus many more!

The simple game play of Ocean King 2: Monster's Revenge has carried over from its predecessor, but now players can experience a whole new level of enjoyment and interaction when playing! Suitable for players of all skill levels, this game can be as difficult or challenging as you want by how you play it. With it's huge popularity, this machine will draw in players from all across the floor, earning top incomes in a variety of locations!


  • 8 Player Cabinet
  • PCB Upgrade Kit Also Available

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