Offroad Thunder

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An off-road driving game from Midway. There are 8 tracks, each filled with secret paths, short cuts, and power ups. Cabinets can be linked for a two player cooperative mode.

There are three modes of play. In 'Demolition' players earn points for smashing other racers. Whoever has the most points wins. In 'Snag the Flag' players must grab and hold the flag, earning points for each steal. If you fall into last place, you will lose the flag. The last mode 'Rally' is a simple race to the finish line.

  • 39" cabinet also available H74 X W39 X D78inches
  • H188 X W79 X D198cms Weight 475lbs (215kgs)
  • Secrets paths, short cuts and hidden nitro power-ups
  • Eight selectable and four hidden vehicles
  • Linkable to another machine

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