Ozi Rules 2010

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A hypothetical futuristic version of the game of Australian Rules Football, incorporating teams and players from both Australia and other countries.

The game play for Ozi Rules 2010 involves kicking for goal from various positions on the field, while running and dodging opposition players who attempt to tackle you and gain possession of the ball so they can score themselves.

The game was developed together with Interactive Imagery's team of artists and involves real-time 3D graphics using R3's proprietry 3D engine.

  • Control mechanism: trackball and buttons
  • Ozi Rules 2010 has three different stages:
1. Kick For Goal
This stage features ten positions within the 50 metre arc. Players have the option to choose their kicking style by the angle of which the ball drops onto the foot. Kicking styles include the banana ball or reverse screw punt. Other features of this stage are the ability to play-on, the weather condition affecting the accuracy of the kick, and the opposition player standing "on the mark" (in front of you when you line up to kick a goal from a stationary beginning position). There are also two umpires involved.

2. Run, Tackle and Kick
This is similar to the standard game play where the player begins from the centre circle and has to reach the fifty metre arc before being able to kick for goal. The feature of this stage is to dodge and weave past three opposition players who will attempt to end the players life -- Football in the future is a tough game with any tackles allowed.

3. Long Kicking Contest
This is an area of the game where the players have the ability to choose different kicking styles of screw punts, drop kicks and drop punts. This section will also act as a tie breaker in the event that the players finish with equal scores. The player kicking the longest distance in this event will be the winner.

  • Ozi Rules 2010 has the ability for up to four players to play at once.
  • The game also has a redemption feature that allows the game to be used as a redemption machine with a multitude of settings, giving the game flexibility to be operated in the arcade and hotel/bar markets thus having the ability for minor player tournaments, redeeming low cost prizes.

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