Pinpoint Shot

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Pinpoint Shot is a one or two-player competitive laser rifle shooting attraction. Players select one of 5 game modes, which include solo and competitive modes of play. Targets appear randomly, and there is a shooting distance of 65 feet.

The product aims to utilise the dead space in a location that is generally unused. The gun stand can be placed in one area of the location, while the six targets and scoreboard can be mounted on a wall across from the gun stand or suspended from the ceiling. The maximum distance from the gun stand to the targets is 65 feet.

One side of the gun stand is blue, and the other side is red. A light on top of the target will flash red or blue depending on which player hits the target first. Targets are randomly selected by spotlighting, and stay lit for 5 seconds.

The 5 modes of play available are:

Solo Play:
� Point Challenge - Earn as many points possible in the time provided.
� Time Trial - Shoot all targets as quickly as possible.
� Sudden Death - Game ends when a shot is missed

Competitive Play:
� 10 Points Single Match - Player who scores the first 10 points wins
� 10 Points Double Match - Player who scores the first and second 10 points wins

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