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Pirate's Bounty Shooting Gallery

Pirate's Bounty Shooting Gallery
Product Details
Manufacturer :Amusement Electronics
Category :Park Rides & Attractions

About Pirate's Bounty Shooting Gallery

Pirate's Bounty Electronic Shooting Gallery - A cool pirate-themed carnival / midway shooting gallery with interactive air-driven electronic targets, interactive water shoot-back system, realistic shooting guns and scoring !

The lifespan of Amusement Electronic Shooting Galleries is over twenty (20) years with rugged and time-tested solid state & digital electronics, and requires very little maintenance, and best of all, requires NO attendants !

Can be used indoors or outdoors (with protective roof) and comes complete with Scoring and Ticket Dispensers,. Spare Gun, Air Compressor and Spare Parts, and most gallery aspects can be CUSTOMIZED at NO CHARGE !

Product Details for Pirate's Bounty Shooting Gallery

Pirates Bounty 4 Player Dimensions - 20 Targets :
Height: 144", Width: 120", Depth: 168"

Pirates Bounty 6 Player Dimensions - 21 Targets :
Height: 144", Width: 144", Depth: 168"

Pirates Bounty 8 Player Dimensions - 26 Targets :
Height: 144", Width: 192", Depth: 168"

Product Database
Product Name :Pirate's Bounty Shooting Gallery
Category Type :Park Rides & Attractions
Style :Shooting Style Games
Manufacturer :Amusement Electronics
Product Size :Width: 304.8 cm
Depth: 426.7 cm
Height: 365.8 cm
No. Of Players :8

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